Monday, January 24, 2011

The Game of Life

I decided to attach a post I've already written that is just as true today as it was then. It's crazy how alone we all are in this world. I can't imagine living in this world without God in my heart, in my ear and on my mind. There is no person in this world that will love you no matter what you do and that will support you no matter how low or high you get. It just isn't human to have love with no limits. We tell ourselves we're capable of loving beyond all circumstances...but that only remains true if we aren't tested. It's easy to say you're the best if you never don't get defeated. Here's my analogy on life...

Ok. So I was at the gym earlier today, and got into an interesting conversation with a few people. It was about their life, their workouts, eating habits, and randomly found myself going into a tangent. I was at first talking about the video game Mario Kart. You remember that game? Where you can choose a myriad of characters, each having their own special "power" or ability. And I found myself relating this game to life in general. Think about it, when you're racing, you can cross the squares on the ground and activate an ability. And when you're in last place, what are you most likely going to get? LIGHTNING! Yeah, you get the ability to make EVERYONE shrink, UNLESS they already activated their star, which is an immunity to everything, even the annoying grass and mud. So, along with that, you get the star, and you get mushrooms and a red turtle shell that will FOLLOW the person in front of you until it hits them or dies because you aimed towards a wall. Now that we got that covered, when you're in first, you get a green shell or a banana. The banana is cool I guess, but the green shell almost always hits YOU instead of anyone else, and you can't make it follow anyone like the red shell does. I went into detail, because that is a lot like life. When you're behind, everyone's there gasing you up, on your side and your friend. But when you're in first, i.e. where you want to be in your life, they hate. In my experience, people who are intimidated by me because of ex-boyfriends or because of my fitness level...have said numerous things. The funniest being I take steroids or other androgenic aids. This is hilarious, because any knowledgable person knows what a person on steroids looks and sounds like, and there's no way I could be doing such a drug. I've only tried taking NO Explode, and it made me explode all right. Explode in bloating and cramps and other uncomfortable things. Other than that, I don't even take caffine. But of course, people who see the end result hate on you. What they don't see is I'm in the gym 6/7 days a week for over an hour busting my butt, increasing the intensity, and decreasing the periods of rest. I speak on behalf of all my gym-rat family members...WE WORK HARD FOR HOW WE LOOK. Simple as that. Instead of hating, join us. Now...this leads to my next thought. Why do we hate on people? Well...let's first define "hater"- a person who is insecure with themselves, and feels the need to look better in front of others by saying hateful things, or looking better to themselves. So that pretty much explains why people hate. Girls hate on other girls, guys and on other guys, and we sometimes hate on the opposite sex. We've ALL done it. But we can also decide to become more secure in ourselves and stop participating in this game of hate. So let's stop hating on the ex-boyfriend or the ex-girlfriend. Because think about it, if you think she's so ugly or he's so stupid, what does that say about you? Chances are that guy/girl has a type, and you're it and his/her ex was it. You don't have to look alike to be alike. Thank you. And as for the successful athlete or the muscular person in the don't make it to the top by sitting at home watching others make it to the top. Kobe isn't playing NBA Live 2009 to get his practice in. So if you think someone is better than you or more fit than you...STEP YOUR GAME UP. Because obviously they set the bar, and are doing fine. It's lonely at the top people. And I'm sorry, but you should be in FIRST PLACE in your own life. Stop worrying about what place you are in, in the world. Because there are too many people with too many talents and too much beauty to be so worried about. You can't change how we workout, but you can change how often you workout. Control what's yours, and stop worrying about what's mine. And that goes for everyone. Again, all you first place won't get the red shell or the lightning or the mushroom. Because when you're in the lead, no one wants to help you. You have to help yourself. Only God is there at the finish line. So keep making those fast turns, avoid the mud, don't take the "short cut" through the grass because it slows you down (and hard workers don't take short cuts), and DEFINITELY watch out for that red turtle shell someone is waiting to unleash on you. And if they hit you, use your now extended array of weapon options, and take the lead back. And if you get hit by your own green shell, be more careful next time, and get back in the lead.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Newfangled Blogger

By request I have started a blog. I know it sounds pretentious, but by no means am I that vain. Just a new medium to pour out my thoughts, feelings, and findings. Personally, I'm one of those people who would rather text than talk on the phone. Not because I don't enjoy a good conversation or personal time dedication but because I write better than I speak. I can express my emotions through written verbiage better than spoken verbiage.

I really want to use this blogger to testify my love for the Lord and my life experiences that correlate. Being 23 and saved is about as easy as being Jewish and following Christ. Like my simile? I don't mean to knock Judaism with that example. But the point is, walking with Christ is exactly what it means. To walk. If I were running with Christ, He would finish the race before I laced up my shoes. He was and is perfect. I cannot compete with that. I am too young to state "I am saved" and end it there. Because, I am saved today, but tomorrow holds a new set of obstacles. If it were easy to just profess 'Jesus is Lord' and go on about my business with my name in the Book of Life, I would have nothing to share. We may think we want eternal life with our Savior to be that easy, but think about the consequences.

If all we had to do was profess 'Jesus is Lord,' then non-believers would never be saved. If someone doesn't believe in Christ, they will never profess His rightful place as the eternal King. It is by how we live our lives, what we say to others, and what we do for others that saves us. We cannot run a marathon without training for the event. If we did, physiologically speaking, we would damage our bodies to the point of severe malfunction, even death. This is the same as believing in the truth that Christ died for our sins and not following Him. We would face severe malfunction and death would be eternally without Christ.

What made me dedicate my life to the life of Christ and salvation given from the Lord? Easy. God called me. He called me to Him and wouldn't let me go a step further without dedicating my life to Him. It was simple. Let go of my life or keep it to myself. Only problem with keeping your life to yourself, is when it's over, God isn't on your side. And the other side, well, it's the antithesis of everlasting love.

Like I said, this blog will be about knowledge I've learned, wisdom I've attained, and personal experiences I've encountered. And anyone that wants to discuss the Lord, I love all feedback and insight. Even if it isn't agreeing with my beliefs.