Friday, January 21, 2011

Newfangled Blogger

By request I have started a blog. I know it sounds pretentious, but by no means am I that vain. Just a new medium to pour out my thoughts, feelings, and findings. Personally, I'm one of those people who would rather text than talk on the phone. Not because I don't enjoy a good conversation or personal time dedication but because I write better than I speak. I can express my emotions through written verbiage better than spoken verbiage.

I really want to use this blogger to testify my love for the Lord and my life experiences that correlate. Being 23 and saved is about as easy as being Jewish and following Christ. Like my simile? I don't mean to knock Judaism with that example. But the point is, walking with Christ is exactly what it means. To walk. If I were running with Christ, He would finish the race before I laced up my shoes. He was and is perfect. I cannot compete with that. I am too young to state "I am saved" and end it there. Because, I am saved today, but tomorrow holds a new set of obstacles. If it were easy to just profess 'Jesus is Lord' and go on about my business with my name in the Book of Life, I would have nothing to share. We may think we want eternal life with our Savior to be that easy, but think about the consequences.

If all we had to do was profess 'Jesus is Lord,' then non-believers would never be saved. If someone doesn't believe in Christ, they will never profess His rightful place as the eternal King. It is by how we live our lives, what we say to others, and what we do for others that saves us. We cannot run a marathon without training for the event. If we did, physiologically speaking, we would damage our bodies to the point of severe malfunction, even death. This is the same as believing in the truth that Christ died for our sins and not following Him. We would face severe malfunction and death would be eternally without Christ.

What made me dedicate my life to the life of Christ and salvation given from the Lord? Easy. God called me. He called me to Him and wouldn't let me go a step further without dedicating my life to Him. It was simple. Let go of my life or keep it to myself. Only problem with keeping your life to yourself, is when it's over, God isn't on your side. And the other side, well, it's the antithesis of everlasting love.

Like I said, this blog will be about knowledge I've learned, wisdom I've attained, and personal experiences I've encountered. And anyone that wants to discuss the Lord, I love all feedback and insight. Even if it isn't agreeing with my beliefs.

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  1. You are AMAZING!!! Be dedicated to writing everyday and once it catches it could change a life. Love you Smidge!