Monday, February 14, 2011

To Some People, You Will Be the Only Bible They Read...

This morning on the way to work, I heard this statement: "To some people you will be the only bible they read." And it really stayed with me. And it's very true. Christ said we are to make disciples of all nations. The only way we can do that, is to first fascinate the non-believers into wanting to know more about us. As followers of Christ, we should look so different that people ask us why we are the way we are. One thing I'm learning, is to be an example of Christ in times of adversity. It's easy to preach the Gospel when everything is going your way. But the moment things happen differently than expected, can people see Christ in you? Are we still praising the Lord when He hasn't given us the blessings we've prayed for?

If you are the only bible to some people, you can only save them if they want to read it after reading you. To know the love of the Lord without opening the bible, now that is a task worth searching for! If we can show non-believers the love we receive from the Lord every day...they will eventually be curious. And that's all we can hope for. We cannot change people; we are not God. But, we can plant seeds and pray that the Lord waters them. Pray that the Lord calls them to Him and that they follow. On the contrary, if we are the only bible some will read...what about the people who have no interest in the bible?

If someone can watch you, even when you are unaware, and learn to not need God or love Him or be curious about Him...then you aren't following Christ. Christ had people leaving everything they knew just to follow Him and see what He does. I'm not saying you should have a Twitter following that beats Justin Beiber...but you should have people that watch you. And when they do, what are they seeing? Are they seeing care? Generosity? Love? Integrity? If people aren't drawn to you, then you aren't spreading the love of the Lord. Because people are drawn to good, regardless of their personal state. People are drawn to kindness. Either because they want to be around the kindness and love or they don't understand it and want to study it to ridicule it. That's why what we do when we know people are watching is just as important when we don't know if they are watching.

Perfect example. My niece. She is almost 2 years of age, and she does the most peculiar things. And I always ask, where did she get this from? Surely she didn't manifest these things on her own. She's brilliant, but some things have to be learned. Monkey see, monkey do. And it is so true. She wears heels around the house because she sees her mother and I wearing them. She does things she sees people do, especially when they are unaware. We cannot be good examples of God's love when we want to, and then slack when our friends aren't around. It's not the people we already know that's the most's the people we haven't met yet. It's the people we haven't influenced that matter the most with what we say and do. Because that's the difference between future friends and possible fellowship and lost non-believers.

So if there is anything we should keep on our mind it is...are you a true rendition of the bible displaying God's love and grace? Or are you portraying the bible that every unsaved "Christian" displays that says..."do what you want. God is not to be feared. Don't take Him serious, because I don't."

Happy Valentines Day to everyone! It is a nice day to share love with friends and family! :o)

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